Coming Soon
Hello lovely visitor! We are in the process of building a new website with the new name and a slightly new branded visuals. We’ve changed our name to KETEVANNA because we want to make you a part of our journey to creating kind fashion. KETEVANNA is for mum (Ketevan) & I (Anna). / id / was (and still is) for impulses & desires. Because we exist to help you celebrate your individuality by letting you express your impulses & desires and nurture your values. We’ve only changed the name. Our PURPOSE remains to create KIND FASHION and inspire to you be KIND to YOURSELF, to beautiful souls CREATING FASHION and to MOTHER NATURE! We'll be back soon with new KETEVANNA collection. Can't wait to see you back! P.S. if you want to browse & buy our pieces, please get in touch to receive the unique password.

With love from Anna

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