About Us

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/ id / is an ethical & slow fashion brand creating a wearable experience for mindful & passionate lives.  
We bring a combination of fun, sophistication & versatility into our designs to create timeless pieces.



/ id / is driven by a mother-daughter duo, Ketevan & Anna 

Anna grew up in Tbilisi, Georgia watching Ketevan creating beautiful pieces for women (friends, family, neighbours, you name it!).  Making beautiful clothes was Ketevan’s way of empowering women.

Anna always had a passion for designing clothes and has been very lucky to have a wonderful mom whose incredible skills bring her designs to life. She moved to London over ten years ago and her passion for designing & creating clothes got absorbed by London’s captivating lifestyle. Until!.. She decided that she was going to design her own wedding dress and make it with her mum. After this wonderful experience, she started creating more pieces with Ketevan again. Anna soon decided to connect two of her passions – designing clothes and transforming people’s lives. So, she founded / id / to empower and inspire as many women as / id / can reach (like Ketevan has always done) and show them that sustainable & ethical clothing doesn't have to be a compromise!
Our mission is to empower as many women as / id / can reach – those who wear / id / pieces AND those who create them. 

We want to empower / id / women by inspiring them to express their selves and nurture their values by offering them pieces that nurture harmony between personal style & conscience.

Our goal is to empower / id / makers by helping them to fulfil their potential in their personal and work life.

We aspire to grow with truly ethical and responsible values. To respect, care and love our community, communities around the world and our planet.



It started with a question - how can we help women to sustain conscious & ethical style?

It’s not sustainable having to make compromises between values & wanting to express yourself through the clothes you wear. We believe that monochrome colours & capsule wardrobes are not the way of convincing people to wear sustainable clothes.

The ‘Id’ [ /id/ ] is unconscious & uncontrollable bit of our identity. It is our desires & impulses (Freud’s theory). What we wear is a huge part of our identity too & the result of our desires & impulses.

So, we called our brand / id / and set to create fun & unique but ethical & eco-friendly pieces to empower women by letting them express their identities and nurture their values.



Our planet and our community are very precious to us at / id /. That’s why we are committed to minimise & offset negative environmental impact and make a positive social impact.

As a small emerging brand, at the moment we use deadstock, upcycled and environmentally friendly fabrics. We are on a journey to source more sustainable fabrics that have a very low impact on the environment and a positive impact on the people involved at all stages of their production.

We are committed to achieving zero waste. So, we buy fabrics in small sustainable batches, make most out of them and create a small run, one-of-a-kind & made-to-order pieces!

With unique, fun & timeless elements, / id / collections are designed and made to withstand the blast of fast fashion and to be cherished for years to come. 

Our pieces are crafted in Tbilisi, Georgia by a small team of creative and passionate women. We aim to empower / id / makers by creating an environment where they learn new skills & feel valued, and by providing them with fair living income & economic empowerment so they feel proud and fulfil their potential in their personal & work life.



We are committed to bringing you unique pieces. Using small batch fabrics and our commitment to achieving zero waste makes us be even more creative with the designs and only allows us to make a limited number of pieces.

We are proud to be able to offer you bespoke pieces. Please get in touch if you cannot find the right size, we will make one exclusively for you.