Meet Your Maker

Every week an increasing number of style-savvy shoppers turn away from the high street clothing giants to seek out fashion more in line with their ethical and environmental beliefs. The time for cheaply made fast fashion is dwindling, while demand for ethically produced, mindfully designed clothing is gaining traction.

If you are reading this, then surely, before every purchase you ask yourself that ever so important question – Who made my clothes? Now it’s time to meet your maker!

Incredible platforms, Sans Pareil and Make Town, handpicked 10 bands (including / id / - exciting!) plus the amazing mixologist Tin On Tin to bring to you a 5 day pop-up concept store - all things slow and eco fashion.

Swing by the studio, meet the maker, feel the fabric, enjoy the colour, appreciate the quality and ask thousands of questions before you buy a forever statement piece for you or someone you love. Plus empower yourself with knowledge from industry leaders through panel discussions.

Grab your VIP free entry ticket to the unmissable Opening Night on 20th November. Guests will be treated with free drinks and a panel of speakers will discuss the importance of slow fashion & steps we can take to improve the textile industry. The panel will include Vogue Italy Photographer Kerry Curl, Sustainability power-house Raeburn and will be led by the social change-maker Ethics Matter.  Brooke, the director of Make Town will then host an exclusive weaving workshop. The designers will share with you a personal story of their brand and their products. 


Make sustainable, meaningful and super cool Christmas presents

Meet Your Maker is hosting three special workshops, focussing on different ways we can use waste, dead or new materials to breathe a brand new life into our existing wardrobe and home.

On Thursday, it will be hosting a workshop on Decorating your Denim. A fun and creative way to bring an old jacket back to life (or give a new life for someone you love) with cotton threads, jewels, beads tassels and pom-poms.

On Saturday, Brooke will hold a Macrame making workshop. Using recycled T-Shirt material, you can create a super cool plant holder – perfect for gifting or for giving your home a warm, bohemian vibe.

Sunday will be the last day at the pop-up and a final workshop from Make Town with a 90's throwback - Scrunchies!

Join us and experience the future of ethical and conscious fashion in a fun, relaxed environment. We can’t wait to see you!

For more information, head to the Sans Pareil and Make Town websites. 

November 20th – 24th

Make Town, 2a Chatham Place

Hackney, London, E9 6LL

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